POAC will fund for urgent ECG under the following circumstances:

1.       Investigation of current/recent chest pain with possibility of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) – low risk of ACS but diagnosis still under consideration.  See Acute Chest Pain HealthPathway. https://aucklandregion.healthpathways.or...
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Primary Care GP Reimbursement for Hep C Treatment

Funding has been allocated for the provision of integrated Hepatitis C Services.  The Primary Options for Acute Care (POAC) service will be the mechanism for distributing the funding to GPs across Auckland Metro who provide Hepatitis C treatment in a primary care settin...
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Reimbursement for authorised general practitioners (GPs)

From 1 May 2017 authorised GPs who provide Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) to patients can claim a reimbursement for a fixed number of patient/GP visits per year. This service is only for patients who are identified as stable and suitable to receive this care from an aut...
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Frequently Asked Questions

November 3, 2015

POAC Service Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible? When to initiate POAC? When should the patient be discharged? What services can and cannot be claimed? How much to claim? The answers to many of your questions regarding the POAC service can be found in our recently updated FAQs. Please download the...
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Latest POAC News

October 22, 2015

View latest POAC news online

Click on image below to view latest POAC news online ...
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New POAC Claiming Schedule

October 1, 2015
In response to your feedback, the POAC claiming schedule has been reviewed and updated. The aim has been to further standardised fees and make the claiming process more streamlined. The revision has a strong focus on supporting and aligning with regional clinical pathway...
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POAC supports the Auckland Regional Clinical Pathway (ARCP) for Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) which can be found on our website, www.poac.co.nz under clinical guidance, or at http://aucklandregion.healthpathways.org.nz (contact POAC or your PHO for user name and passwor...
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New Pyelonephritis Guideline

September 10, 2015
A new guideline has been developed to support community management of Pyelonephritis. Funding will be available through POAC to administer intravenous Gentamicin for patients who meet the criteria outlined in the guideline (see link below). Feedback or questions can be e...
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A new clinical guideline has been developed to support management of acute adult dehydration in primary care. This has been developed by a group of primary care practitioners and specialists in the field to provide guidance with respect to the management of adult dehydratio...
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POAC Web Form Issues

July 29, 2015
The Primary Options service was migrated to a new HealthLink hosted website (https://apps.comprehensivecare.co.nz) recently by Comprehensive Care, this has caused some unforeseen connection issues. The new website resolves though public DNS to an IP address of
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